This process starts with filling the large hopper with the raw Moringa seeds with the husks on them, the seed goes from the hopper to a shaker tables that breaks the outer shells off and is vacuumed up and sent to holding bags in the vacuum system where all the residual products are edible for feed for cattle and livestock, which is very high in protein. Once the seeds pass that point the seed travel on a conveyor to and auger which injects the seed into the top of the hopper on the screw press the seed are hurled around to keep them in suspension so the screw press does not get overloaded and plug up as it’s a major undertaking to dismantle the press and clean it out if that were to happen, correctly once in the press the oil drips down through the press onto and a catch troff which feeds the vacuum filter tanks where the oil is process and strained through the very fine 300 mesh filter elements. At that point the oil is very clean and is pumped up into and through a sterilizing machine in line with the holding tank which holds 2000 gallons of oil and then it’s pumped into 55 gallon food grade barrels ready for bottling & shipping.

Along the way the seeds are stripped of their shells and taken to bag filters and from there 50# sacks are than filled and sealed for shipping to feed stores or feed stores, once the oil goes through its travels and ends up going through the vacuum filters there is a film left on top of the filters which is called Moringa Butter.homeday nutritionbody nutrilion spawhealth gyme bodyvit herbalion okclinic estateglob slimy 101topforex travelmates 21fitnes protectmy zero7 usandroid necweb logbuys finacialbest infras autobiz electrone hig biotrans foista outletshop riseone myvit carnopen

This butter is very powerful, meaning it works really well on skin problems people with severe pain from rashes, warts, sores. We sent samples to potential customers and they were impressed how well it works and how fast the pain has been relieved, another bi-product is what comes out of the front of the screw press in big clumps and goes into very large holding boxes to dry and awaiting the crushing process which the material is called Moringa Cake, once it is dry enough it is loaded into the hopper above crushing machine where it’s taken from a clump into powder form and inserted into capsules and bottled for sales and shipping.